Lighting and Audio Services


Lighting And Audio Services

Do you ever look at pictures of a wedding and find yourself blown away by both the details of the space and the intimate, romantic vibe of the event? You probably have uplighting to thank for that. Though uplighting isn’t a standalone solution for making a reception pop, it is an integral part of the overall lighting design package that will emphasize your décor elements and bring out the beauty of your venue.
What Is Uplighting?

2 hour session

3 hour session

4 hour session

Uplighting is the placement of individual light sources at the base of architectural details or points of interest, typically around the perimeter of a space, to draw attention to those details.
We offer different types of uplighting and also ambiance lighting.

8 Wall & Pillar lighting
2 (4) Par head room lighting with color change
2 (8) Par heads room lighting with color change

3hr or 5hrs

A couple is dancing in front of some sparklers.

Cold sparklers are a trending way to bring pyrotechnics to indoor receptions1. They produce non-flammable sparks that are a simulated pyrotechnic experience, not actual pyrotechnics2. The machines create almost no smoke or odor, making them a central selling point for many bridal celebrations2. These displays shoot pyrotechnics up from the ground in a controlled column and can be used to frame the dance floor, mark the couple’s entrance to the reception, or even surround the cake cutting1.


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